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Thursday, November 4, 2010

My world is small. The news I read to stop my brain is 7 inches long. I hear a lot of talk tonight which makes me think of fright when blue eyes and blonde hair makes a date rehearsal late the dreams and reels barely feels like a difference in a matter of taste i remember the shimmering water the ride down the road in a rickshaw looking up trying to get up the branches they looked lyike sycamores. a woman stood down below i watched myself get up and go somewhere else in a parking lot an empty store or maybe not back in work a separate office laughs with bosses and royalty checks but now its real and im a bit tired but not too tired to bounce in a riot

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weekly writing contest 

This website holds a weekly contest. The first place prize is 500 bucks. It costs 15 dollars to submit your writings on the given subject. This week the subject is winter. No more than 1000 words. I haven't made up my mind about giving money to strangers, given that they are brand new and haven't had any winners yet. Any thoughts?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Farce

The woman walked across the window naked. Drying her hair in front of the closet cabinet. 
"What's the matter? Are you ashamed of your body?" She asked.
"No, but you sure do a lot of sit-ups. What's that saying?" I said, laying up in bed. 
"Well, its a matter of pride, I guess." She answered throwing on a robe and cleaning her ears. 
"Everyday people look at me,  and this is what they see." She waved her hand over her body. 

"One day you'll be unattractive. After that your dead." I rolled over and watched the patterns in the carpet mysteriously shift. "Everybody's got their moment, I know that." She adjusted her skirt in the mirror and dashed her bangs. 

"You sure do." 

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jersey makes me think of a sea turtle digging holes in someone's front yard in upstate New York. Are locations confusing me? I am not sure what I mean by "locations" though. I am confused by perception maybe. My dad saw a family of foxes running through the woods in the suburbs, "going from yard to yard." My friend saw a family of foxes playing, "like as if they were on the nature channel". That was in the middle of the road, I think. This is true: I got like ten emails over the weekend. 0% of them were written by actual humans, I think. I just want to do some collaborative work with someone. I need to insure my existence with meaningful relationships, in case I decide to act like an asshole for 95% of the next ten years of my life.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

True, the earth moves under the stars. How do you explain the North star? I heard you cast your eye off the last star on the big dipper's dipper in a straight line to find it. But that Big Dipper is always in different places! Anyway, lighthouses are absurdly phallic. All the ones in Jersey have different light sequences so the sailors can tell them apart.  I found Bruce Springsteen's beating heart on the Jersey Shore and threw it back into the water. The guy from the Sapranos was attempting to drown himself next to me. Sea weed was stuck to his fattened breasts. 
Seems like lighthouses move only with the rotation of the earth
but stars don't move.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lighthouses don't really move
but dolphins do.